Feb 17, 2021 • 13M

📩Newsletter & 🎙Podcast: Episode 167 一百六十七 (Bonus Content)

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Rare Birds
Stories of startups from emerging markets.
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Series 7: Episode 167: The Global Homepreneur Summit: Meet the Fantastic 10 Part II

Greetings Rare Ones,🏴 

Welcome to the Rare Birds Podcast and Newsletter. It’s week two of bonus content. Before we begin, thanks as always for reading my weekly mental mosaic, all curated with you in mind. ✍️ Time waits for no one, we should always endeavour to use it wisely!

We are a global community of early stage entrepreneurs in emerging markets. We are working towards a borderless and trustless system: connecting, collaborating and growing! You can learn more about me (Chieftess), my intentions and the Rare Birds Story in Episode 161. What does it mean to be a Rare One? Read our community free e-book Rare in 10 Steps via the platform to find out more.


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We continue our dive into the Fantastic 10! These are 10 women from the Southern Indian state of Goa who define themselves as side hustlers, homepreneurs and early stage startup entrepreneurs building businesses’ from the ground up. We continue this second week with the next three in the coterie:

  • Jasmine D’Souza, Founder of Bellissima

  • Jermaine Mendes, Founder of Jemma’s Homemade

  • Meenal Dhanopia, Founder of Handloom Stories


Jasmine: Jasmine is the Founder of Bellissima. Bellissima is a way of life - to enjoy beautiful skin and express oneself. Needless to say she sells beauty products which are safe & reliable for skin & hair.  Bellissima Oriflame offers a wide range of Beauty related products for women as well as men.    Kids range under Bellissima Oriflame is safe for children’s delicate skin and all wellness products under Oriflame gives health supplements that are needed to boost immunity.  

Jermaine: She has been blessed to have lived and worked in places like London, Belgium and Dubai that allowed her to imbibe, understand and learn about its people, culture and especially foods. Some of my best culinary experiences have been on visits to these places.  Her oldest son, Isaac, is quite a foodie too and since moving back to Goa has taken a liking to pickles. That’s when she thought she ought to give making it preservative free a shot. With a little guidance and help from a Chef friend of hers in Australia, she made a first bottle of mango pickle and it was such a hit with her biggest critics – her family.  Thus began her journey with jams. She started with her husband’s favourite, Mangad (the traditional Goan Mango Jam). Soon after, she made jams flavoured with Apple Cinnamon, Strawberry, Orange Marmalade, Spiced Marmalade, Fig Anise, Banana Rum and Spiced Jackfruit. While she also makes common flavours of jams, she prefers introducing Goa to jams with unique, unconventional flavours. This led to her adventures with Bimbly and Star fruit earlier this year that birthed - Bimbly Jam, Bimbly Pickle, Savoury Bimbly Spread, Star Fruit Jam, Star Fruit Pickle and Spiced Star Fruit Marmalade.

Meenal: A brand that promotes the artwork curated by Indian artisans and weavers. India is a country rich in cultural & traditional heritage.  Each and every district of every state of India has a particular specialised weave.  As the brand name suggests, each handloom/ hathkargha says a story, a story of its origin, beauty, effort of artisans/ karigars, it's intricate detailing. The logo of the brand symbolises a tree with strong roots, which keeps on growing & spreading it's branches.  

In each conversation you will learn:

  • The story behind the business

  • The Opportunity Spotted

  • The Marketing Channels

  • The Business Strategy

  • The Customer Base

  • The Foundations for Success

  • Challenges & How They Overcame Them

  • Unique Industry Features

  • Tools-Technical & Otherwise Use to Manage & Grow Their Business

  • Lessons Learned

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