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#179 Conversations with Jo-Ann

#179 Conversations with Jo-Ann

Puerto Rico Wrap Up and Preparing for Series 9 this Summer

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Are you new here? Welcome to the family of Rare Ones. This is the Rare Birds Emerging Market Podcast Newsletter. Each week I send out this long form newsletter to our community of Rare Ones as I have conversations with early stage startup founders, ecosystem builders and angel investors from across emerging markets. This long form newsletter is a deep dive into one or several themes discussed in the podcast episodes.

The Rare Birds Emerging Podcast Newsletter is written for Emerging Market early stage startup founders, ecosystem builders, angel investors, those interested in emerging markets and the curious.

This week I share another installment of Conversations with Jo-Ann. This is the third installment of this series where I speak directly with our family of Rare Ones.

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In addition, I send out the Weekly News! It is an action packed weekly curation of blockchain news and blockchain podcasts from across emerging markets featured in the Rare Birds Magazine.

💡A Snippet 💡

Blockchain News This Week:

Bank of Russia Announces Upcoming Trial For Digital Ruble

📑Chinese cities roll out digital yuan to public transport networks

📑HSBC Joins UAE KYC Blockchain Platform

📑Brazilian National Soccer and Bitci Team up to Release NFT Fan Tokens

Blockchain Podcasts This Week:

📻 Ron Cao of Sky9 Capital, A 20 Year China VC on Semis, SPACs and Blockchain

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We have now entered the second half of the year. In this week's podcast newsletter I take a recap of the first half of the year in preparation for the second half.  Let’s start with where we have been!

Quarter 1

💡Conversations with Jo-Ann. Episode 161: Sharing Intentions & the Rare Birds Story

Series 7 India: The Global Homepreneur Summit

  • Episode 162-Meet the Curator Vayjayanti Pugalia

  • Episode 163: Meet the Partners Aarti, Siya and Aruna!

  • Episode 164: Get to Know the Speakers

  • Episode 165: Wrap Up Panel & What Next?

  • Episode 166: Meet the Fantastic 10-Bonus Content I

  • Episode 167: Meet the Fantastic 10-Bonus Content II

  • Episode 168: Meet the Fantastic 10-Bonus Content III

Quarter 2

💡Conversations with Jo-Ann. Episode 169: What are $RONES?

Series 8: Puerto Rico: Exploring the Startup Ecosystem

  • Episode 170 Tech for Everyday People with Fabian Velez Vicente

  • Episode 171 Building an App for Book Lovers with Lincy Ayala, CEO & CoFounder of BookSloth

  • Episode 172 Investing in Yourself to Add Value to Your Business with Perla Sofia Curbelo-Santiago

  • Episode 173 Building a Platform for the Latin American Diaspora with Alan Taveras-Sepulveda

  • Episode 174: Encouraging Entrepreneurship in Puerto Rico with Gustavo Diaz Skoff

  • Episode 175: Venture Capital in Puerto Rico with Jennifer P. Hopp, Managing Partner at ATO Ventures

  • Episode 176: Erica Reyes, the Founder of Puerto Rico’s First School of Coffee and Barristas

  • Episode 177. Meet Jahannnie Torres-Rodriguez, The Engineer & Entrepreneur Creating Technology with Purpose

  • Episode 178 Building Global Startup Accelerators that Create Impact with Sebastian Vidal

Quarter 3

💡Conversations with Jo-Ann. Episode 179: Puerto Rico Wrap Up and a Series 9 Summer

Series 9: Education + Adoption-Blockchain in Africa

👇Have a Glance 👇

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Episode 180 kicks off this Wednesday July 7 with Abbas Gassem from Somalia.

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