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📩Newsletter & 🎙Podcast: Episode 162

📩Newsletter & 🎙Podcast: Episode 162

Series 7 Episode 162-The Global Homepreneur Summit: Meet the Curator

Series 7 is a collaboration with Vayjayanti Pugalia, an Indian-based entrepreneur who is a strong advocate for women and children. To learn more about Vayjayanti listen in to Rare Birds Podcast Episode 3 where she discusses: Am I too creative? and Rare Birds Podcast Episode 61 Creating India’s First entrepreneur Summit for Kids. Both will provide more clarity on her work and life’s purpose.

💡Mrs. Vayjayanti Pugalia freelances as a Corporate Grooming expert and a Culinary artist. She also excels in her area of work which comprises International Etiquette/ Fine Dining and Wine Appreciation. She is a philanthropist and a social entrepreneur who has curated many impactful events like Colours of Innocence 1st and 2nd edition and the very recent The Kidoprenuer Summit, the first-ever conclave of such a kind in the country which talked about child entrepreneurship.

Vayjayanti has many workshops to her credit where she has trained many individuals seeking her expertise in topics related to finesse and impressive skills. She has been successful in bringing significant growth in personal and professional lives of individuals with her panache and guided maneuver. Vayjayanti is a motivational speaker and her works have been covered extensively by print and digital media like the leading SANMARG and TELEGRAPH daily. She has been interviewed by many global portals who work towards the growth of women entrepreneurship. Vayjayanti has been awarded the Exceptional Women of Excellence Award by the Women Economic Forum.

💡To the conversations! There will be four, delivered to you each Wednesday. Our first commences today with Rare Birds Podcast Episode 162. In this conversation with Vayjayanti you will hear me get to the why behind the summit.

Below is an overview of what you will learn in today’s episode:


💎 The Thought Process Behind the Global Homepreneur Summit

💎 What Is the Goal of the Global Homepreneur Summit

💎 What is a Homepreneur?

💎 Details About the Summit

💎 What Types of Businesses’ Will Be Represented at the Summit

💎 Homepreneurs in the Covid Era

💎 Who Should Attend this Event


💡 Home based businesses’ are often dismissed as cute “hobbies” or “frivolous” ventures. They are seen as something people do to “pass the time.” If you are a woman at home with your children it is assumed you are doing it because you are bored. If you are not able bodied or restricted to home because of a health condition the assumption, sadly, may be that you work from home to avoid getting a “real job.” The truth is millions of men and women run multi-million dollar businesses’ from home. They employ many, are responsible for the livelihoods of their families (and other families) and contribute richly to their local economies.

🗡 🛡 In 2020 we entered the covid era and suddenly everyone was “working from home.” As I type this newsletter much of the world is in lockdown. Infection rates globally are very high and the deployment of vaccines very slow. We saw viral videos of parents, children and employees in 2020 learning to cope with being stuck at home (together). The term “new normal” has been mentioned at least a million times ( or more) across the media. Referring to the “new situation” we were all unprepared for and for many still unwilling to accept. Personally, I believe change is normal. Don’t you? The need to constantly make things “normal” and “common” may just be one of human beings biggest flaws.

💡 I read an article on the WHO website last year that said we should shift conversations from new normal to new future. In Rare Birds Podcast Episode 161: Conversations with Jo-Ann last week I shared much of my thoughts on the future and what it could look like if we embrace new mindsets and disruptive technologies. I am more inclined to think that human beings are better at envisioning the future than trying to resist change. The former requires imagination and childlike play, the latter more of a struggle, constantly leaving us frustrated. In envisioning a new future, we tap into our innate ability to adapt and overcome. For the millions of men and women around the globe who have always been “working from home” this is their “normal” and dare I say the covid era has placed them in somewhat of an enviable position!?

💡For the employee who has lost his or her job or for the SME/entrepreneur who has had to shift their entire business operations due to pandemic restrictions, it means online from home has been your only option. If you are a recent graduate your job prospects are probably very slim at the moment and you may be spending much of your time doing something online from home. The next four weeks will see us taking a deep dive down my favourite place: the rabbit hole. Together we will explore the world of the homepreneur via this summit. Good conversation always takes us to new places. Series 7 is set in India but will take us around the globe. All you will need is a good listening ear. 👂

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